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Multi-Tapping Heads


Multi-Drilling, Multi-Tapping Heads :

Midas Fixed Type Multi-Drill Heads

Midas Fixed Type Multi-Drill Heads

Optimum utilization of machine and motor power.
Higher productivity with less manpower.
Accurate centre distance between drills.
Reduced loading, unloading and work handling time.
Less cost per drilling.


Drilling capacity (Max.) 6mm 12mm 25mm
Max. permissible RPM 5000 2000 1500
Minimum distance between two spindles 22mm 40mm 45mm
Main spindle taper MT2 MT3 MT4/MT5
Adjustable adapter sleeve Internal Taper MT1 Internal Taper MT2 Internal Taper MT2 / MT3
Auxiliary spindle mounting M16 x 1.5 M28 x 2.0 M32 x 2.0
No. of spindles 2 to 8 2 to 12 2 to 12
Maximum P.C.D. of auxiliary spindles 150 mm 300 mm 600 mm

Due to continuous research and developmental activities, the above specifications are subject to change.


Midas Fixed Type Multi-Drill Heads
Midas Fixed Type Multi-Drill Heads

Base & Housing are precisely CNC jig bored to design configuration.
Housing is made up of aluminium casting for reduced weight.
Special double row ball / taper roller bearing to take care of radial & axial thrust. For internal gear type design, deep groove & thrust ball bearing combination is used.
Direction of rotation of auxiliary spindles is same as basic machine.
Multi-drill head can be attached to basic machine of sufficient power & size with the help of an adapter sleeve.
Minimum distance between two spindles is 22, 40 and 45mm in case of MDH-6, MDH-12 and MDH-25 respectively.
Oil lubrication is provided for the bearings and gears within multi-drill heads.
Drill length can be compensated by help of adjustable adapters so that drills can be used after regrinding.
Main spindle and auxiliary spindles are manufactured as per requirement of basic machine.
For parallel shank twist drills, split taper sockets MT1 or MT2 are provided. When flat tang is made to parallel shank drill, drive becomes positive, resulting in no slippage of drill.

Midas Fixed Type Multi-Drill Heads


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